ZOOM lessons - Do I need professional equipment?

Short answer is no, you do not need special equipment. You will need:

  1. A stable internet connection
  2. A device to use ZOOM on (ideally laptop)
  3. A separate device such as your phone/iPad to play music from
  4. Privacy

I really need someone to help me overcome my nerves when I sing in front of people!

Being nervous is perfectly normal and it's what makes us human - it shows we care! But, being too nervous can have a negative impact on our ability to sing in public. Nerves are usually accompanied by increased heart rate, sweaty palms, weak knees and even dizziness. It is important to have a toolbox of strategies that can help you manage it and through practice these symptoms will become far less obtrusive and you will enjoy each performance tenfold.

I have never sung before. Do you work with complete beginners?

Yes, absolutely! Working with beginners is incredibly rewarding and satisfying. It involves learning the basics and exploring what your voice can really do! With guidance and consistent practice, complete beginners can achieve great results!