Singing lessons

My teaching approach is tailored to each individual student, taking into account your unique vocal abilities, learning style and musical interests.

I believe in creating a supportive and positive learning environment where my students feel comfortable exploring their voices and they are encouraged to take 'risks'. This will offer you the support to successfully achieve your goals. Your goals may be short term goals such preparing for an audition/exam or long term goals, such as improving and strengthening your voice and building confidence.

Whether you're a beginner who's never sung before wanting to take up building a new skill or a professional singer wanting a quick fix/reassurance/vocal MOT, with my guidance you'll learn how to optimise your breath management, improve your tone, uncover your full range, develop your musicality, as well as explore your artistry.

We all know how intimidating singing can be, especially in front of someone new, but there's nothing to be worried about! I will make sure that you are entirely comfortable and happy and the lessons are as enjoyable as they can be!

What to expect in an adult singing lessons?

A singing lesson typically begins with a short conversation about what the student wants to focus on in the lesson and how the practice is going.

This is followed by a warm-up which will include a variety of vocal exercises designed to improve vocal technique.

Following the warm up we will then focus on a particular song of your choice (I can help guide your song choices) and guide you through exercises that will help improve your technique and overall performance.

At the end of the lesson you will then receive feedback on what to focus your home practice.

Lessons take place both at my private studio in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle area, as well as online lessons via Zoom.

Singing lessons are 60min.

What to expect in a singing lesson for your child?

Each lesson is individually tailored to your child's needs. Some children are a little bit shy, whilst some are buoyant and love to express themselves through songs. I will carefully listen to their voices and guide them so that they develop healthy singing habits, build confidence in themselves, and most importantly learn whilst having fun!

Lessons would incorporate fun warm ups/games to begin with and then work on a specific song either chosen by your child or I can help guide them with their choice.

If they would like to take singing a step further then I will be able to guide them in their LCM board singing exam.

If you'd like to discuss your child's needs further please get in touch.